High/Low Temperature, Low Durometer Seal

Wall penetration seal for extreme temperatures

The MetraSeal silicone wall penetration seal for high and low temperatures will withstand extreme temperatures and still maintain a water-tight seal. With a working range from 40°F to 400°F, the MetraSeal low durometer temperature seal is ideal for indoor/outdoor applications, steam, high temperature piping systems, refrigeration and where environmental factors can adversely impact traditional seals.

  • Install around any round pipe.
  • Install in any weather.
  • Install inside or outside.
  • Faster installations.
  • No drying or curing time.
  • A cleaner, more positive installation.

The Metraflex MetraSeal quickly fills the space around any round pipe, including concrete, steel, plastic, cast iron, copper, telecommunications cable and electric, with a snug, permanent seal. And it does it up to 75% faster than when using messy, weather-sensitive lead-oakum, mastics or casing boots. No drying or curing time is needed.

Rated at 20 psig, it is engineered as a permanent seal, resisting aging, water, ozone and sunlight for up to 25 years. The MetraSeal seals out groundwater in subgrade exterior walls, and absorbs noise and vibration. It is also ideal for filling gaps in interior walls and floors, keeping unwanted noise and fumes from invading office space. It has the added benefit of diminishing annoying liquid and turbulence noise.

Unlike other seals, MetraSeal can be installed in even the coldest weather, helping to keep projects on schedule. It can compensate for piping misalignment, and protects against galvanic corrosion by separating piping from metal casings.

High/Low Temp