Metraflex Installations

Metraloop used in risers, saving thousands of man-hours

The drawings called for 264 bellows compensators, two compensators per riser, and per manufacturers recommendations over 1900 guides would be required to complete the installation…

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Detroit Ford Field uses Metraloop expansion loops

Engineers designed the piping system to expand from one point of contact. This created issues for anchoring, in addition to concerns, over an anticipated 8-inches of building settlement…

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National Institutes of Health (NIH) use fireloops to cross building’s expansion joints to protect fire sprinkler system

“The installation was easy,” commented Keith Cunningham, Foreman, National Fire Protection, Inc. “It was the first time we had installed a joint to handle building movement, as well as the first time to install loops, and these went in real easy.”

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Metraloop Solves Pipe-Guiding Dilemma for Hotel

“The contractors had installed two expansion joints in each of four risers, locating them at approximately the 12th and 28th floors. However, due to the location of the risers, and their proximity to each other, proper guiding was virtually impossible. As a result, every riser pipe had bent at the 6th floor…”

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Dozens of MetraGators find their way Into Orange County Convention Center

A facility of this size has extremely long runs of heating and cooling water piping for the building comfort systems. MetraGators are the perfect joints for these large commercial systems…

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Cyclotron facility achieves 25% increase in suction pressure by installing Suction Diffuser Flex

“The Suction Diffuser Flex increased the suction pressure by about 25% from 3.5 pounds to 4.5 pounds,” detailed Bill Starks. “And it increased our output pressure by 10 PSI at the same flow rate…”

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