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HiRise System


Compensator and Glide Guide combination make a complete, compact riser system

No walls needed.

You can’t always predict a riser’s path. And today’s light weight steel wall studs and sheet rock don’t like pipe guides. You need something solid.

The new HiRise System from Metraflex let’s you compensate for expansion and properly guide your high pressure riser regardless of its location.

A rugged, quiet system

The Metraflex HiRise System is comprised of only one floor and only one ceiling pipe guide and an extremely quiet, externally pressurized, laterally stabilized expansion compensator.

This innovative riser system has several benefits:

  • Stabilizes pipe beyond EJMA requirements
  • Isolates piping noise and vibration
  • Works with steam, hot and cold water
  • Eliminates need to locate riser near solid wall
  • Simplifies installation and reduces material and labor costs

In addition, the compensator and guides that comprise this system
offer several other benefits:

Externally pressurized “no squeak” compensator features:

    • Unique design featuring “Quiet Comp” magic glide bearings for smooth, quiet operation*
    • Externally pressurized bellows with lower compression force
    • Ability to compensate for large movements
    • Extremely compact size
    • Rugged, robust construction

*Metallurgically impregnated lubricant


The floor and ceiling mounted guides (see image at right) offer the following advantages:

  • Eliminate the need for intermediate guiding
  • No need for the riser to be near a solid wall for guiding
  • Smooth-gliding channel with virtually silent operation
  • Rugged construction

Floor and ceiling guides are designed so there is no metal-to-metal contact between T-slide and guide channel. Special non-metallic “quiet-slide” insert eliminates noise. Rugged construction will last the life of your piping system.