Engineered Riser Anchor Clamp


Use it as a riser clamp. Use it as a pipe anchor.

Introducing the Riser Anchor Clamp, a revolutionary way to both clamp a riser or anchor a pipe from any movement. Massively strong, the case-hardened steel gripping teeth securely bite into the pipe. It is adjustable, requires no welding, and allows access for installing fire-stopping material.

Use it as a Riser Clamp.
Install just one Riser Anchor Clamp on either side of the floor as a riser anchor clamp. Torque it down so the teeth bite into the pipe and you’re done. No welding. Need to move it? Just unscrew the bolts, slide it to the right location, and torque down the bolts.

Use it as a Pipe Anchor.
Install one above and one below the concrete slab. Torque down the bolts so teeth bite into the pipe, and the riser is securely anchored.

Riser Anchor Clamps are available in 2-inch through 8-inch sizes. The housing is ductile iron. Teeth are case-hardened & electro-plated carbon steel. Nuts and bolts are electroplated carbon steel.