Modular Riser Guide


Modular Riser Guide for pipe risers

The improved Metraflex Modular Riser Guide wall penetration seal isolates up to 52% of transmitted pipe noise. It quickly fastens around the pipe, fills the annular gap, and creates a water resistant seal.

Protect your investment – The rubber sealing element electrically and mechanically isolates the pipe from the building structure, protecting the building’s occupants from unwanted noise, fumes, and moisture.

Unlimited axial movement – The unique slide surface allows unlimited axial movement, accounting for thermal pipe growth while still retaining a water-, debris-, and age-resistant seal.

Ease of installation – No more curing time! Simply use the existing hole, wrap the modular belt with a friction reducing layer around the pipe, fasten a few bolts, and walk away.

Creating a water resistant seal for temperature applications up to 250°F, the Metraflex Sliding Seal can guide any size pipe.

Now used for riser pipe guiding applications in the tightest spaces! (download pdf)

  • Vibration dampening
  • Noise isolation
  • Unlimited axial movement
  • Riser pipe guiding applications
  • Faster install time
  • No drying or curing time
  • Install around any round pipe
  • Install in any weather

Sliding Seal Screen