About The Products

To operate efficiently VRF or VRV* systems are operating at significantly higher pressures than we are used to seeing with Hydronic systems. Test pressures can reach 700 psi with 200F to 300F operating temperatures. These systems are operating at the high end of your piping components and as such are introducing stress levels that need additional design consideration.

The VRF Expansion joints, Seismic expansion joints and Flex connectors from Metraflex are designed specifically to compensate for these additional loads and stresses.

*VRV is a trademark of Daiken Industries, LTD

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are these loops considerably longer than the standard movement?

At these pressures, the VRF flexible loop becomes stiffer than loops operating at the max 200PSI we see in most HVAC systems. The longer legs are engineered to minimize anchor loading.

Why are the loop legs stainless steel and not copper/bronze?

Bronze hose and braid is not strong enough for the pressures.

Why is cold springing recommended?

Cold springing is another way to minimize anchor loads. When the loop moves toward its neutral position, it is imposing no anchor loads.

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