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The LPD-M is the lowest pressure drop Y strainer on the market, upgraded with a magnet to catch iron oxides.

The Original LPD Y-Strainer 

The LPD Y-Strainer/Filter from Metraflex provides significant energy savings over the old Y-strainer. Metraflex has re-engineered the 100-year-old strainer and given it a leaner interior with fewer obstructions. The result is significantly lower pressure drops resulting in energy-savings so significant the LPD Y-strainer can pay for itself in months.

The LPD was the result of Metraflex completely re-engineering the traditional Y-strainer to provide a strainer with a much better pressure drop and at the same time a much higher debris capacity than any Y-Strainer or basket strainer on the market.  People that were looking for lower pressure drop efficacies have also been using pumps with ECM motors. These motors are a big improvement over the traditional electric motors.  However, it turns out that using the ECM motors had an unintended consequence.  the larger, very powerful magnets drew the iron oxide into the seal area of the pump causing seal failures.  These users came to Metraflex for a way to remove the iron oxide from the water, and the LPD-Mag was created.

The LPD-M includes a neodymium rare-earth magnet installed into the collection vortex of the LPD, this maximizes the magnets ability to catch the iron oxide.  The blow down port is designed to allow for a thorough blowdown of the strainer to remove the iron oxide, while in service.