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Pipe Guides and Anchors


Style IV Spider Type Guide

Provides lateral stability to the pipe
to prevent “bowing”

• For 1-inch through 24-inch diameter pipe
• Insulation thicknesses 0 to 4-inch standard
• Larger insulation thicknesses available
• Axial movement up to 12 inches
• For steel and copper pipe


Model PTFE Slide Guide

Standard and pre-insulated guides in various configurations

• Various options for PTFE slide supports
• Various options for pre-insulated slide supports
• Various base options


Model PGQ Glide Riser Guide

Designed for building risers, it attaches to
floors and ceilings. No wall needed

• Isolates 96% of pipe-borne noise
• Enhanced lateral stability allows fewer guides
• Self-lubricating, maintenance-free
• Stock sizes up to 12” pipe/10” axial movement
• Steam, hot and cold water
• Can be welded or clamped to pipe


Modular Riser Guide

Modular Riser Guide for pipe risers

• Mechanical, interlocking rubber water stop
• Helps isolate up to 52% noise and vibration
• EPDM, Nitrile and Silicone
• Unlimited axial movement
• Faster install time
• Install in any weather

PG-PRE Pre-insulated Guide

Provides lateral stability to the pipe to prevent “bowing”

• No metal-to-metal contact
• Maximum insulation effectiveness
• Energy savings
• Sizes up to 24 inch
• Up to 6-inches axial movement


Baseboard Fin Tube Guides

Adjustable copper tube guides and anchors

• 3/4, 1 and 1-1/4-inch copper tube.
• Max operating temperature: 240ºF


Model PA Anchor Clamp

Lightweight anchor for low load

• Ideal “no thrust” expansion joints
• Clamps to pipe
• Use with our Metraloop® expansion joint
• Pipe sizes 3/4-inch through 12-inch


Riser Anchor Clamp

A riser clamp and a pipe anchor

• Use just one as a riser clamp
• Use two to anchor pipe
• Adjustable, no welding
• 2 inches to 8 inches


Structural I-Beam Anchors

Stress loads & safety factors basedon Von Mises

• Pipe diameters 2-inch through 16-inch

PAPI Pre-insulated Anchor

Use for high anchor loads with no
metal-to-metal contact

• Anchor hardware: Carbon steel or stainless steel
• Powder-coated finish
• Insulation K-Factor: .61@400ºF
• Meets ASTM C-533, C-585, C-795, E-72, E-8


Custom Fabricated Guides

When an application defies an off-the-shelf solution

• Design and engineering assistance