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Metraloop expansion joint

Seismic, thermal and building movement expansion joint

• No thrust loads, minimal anchoring
• Minimal guiding
• Small, compact footprint
• Moves in every direction
• Ultra flexible
• A variety of configurations
• Smart solution

Seismic BreakAway Coupling

When your hangers are too short to allow full-rated movement

• Ensures free movement during seismic event
• Separates at a preset load
• Protects your piping system and your building
• Can be reset after event
• Cable tether available for larger Metraloops
• Smart solution

Metraloop for Seismic

Protect pipes crossing the building’s expansion joint

• 360º movement
• No thrust loads, minimal anchoring
• Minimal guiding
• Small, compact footprint
• Ultra flexible
• Only one support required
• A variety of configurations and installations

Fireloop ® for Fire Sprinklers

FM Approved and UL listed joint protects sprinkler systems during seismic events

• X, Y, Z movement
• Lower pressure drop
• Install in piping crossing the seismic joint
• Protects piping and building during quake
• Pre-tested, pre-assembled
• Only one support
• Use with the Seismic BreakAway Coupling

V-loop Expansion Joint

Tighter profile with a larger footprint

• Use for seismic and thermal movement
• Minimal thrust loads and minimal guiding
• Use where a standard Metraloop won’t fit
• Minimal guiding
• Moves in every direction

Press Fit Copper Metraloop

If your press-fit system requires expansion joints you need a press-fit Metraloop

• Lead free
• Pro Press style elbows
• Ultra flexible
• Moves in every direction
• Handles thermal expansion without thrust loads
• Compatible with all major press fit systems

Copper Metraloop

Protects potable water systems during thermal cycling and seismic movement

• No thrust loads and minimal guiding
• X, Y, Z flexibility
• Handles lateral offset and angular movement
• Streamlined profile takes up little space
• Ultra flexible
• Smart solution

Lead-Free Copper Metraloop

NSF 372 certified lead free for potable water

• Simple streamlined support
• Takes up less space
• Only one support is required
• Moves in every direction
• Smart solution
• Ultra Flexible

AGA/CSA Gas Metraloop

Seismic protection for gas lines and anywhere a gas line expands/contracts

• Protects piping during seismic movement
• Ultra flexible
• X, Y, Z movement
• Only one support is required
• For piping crossing building’s seismic joint
• Straight gas connectors also available


Seismic Gator Joint

In-line seismic expansion joint

• ±4 inches movement in all directions
• Protects piping crossing building seismic joint
• Connections: Flange, groove and weld
• Max working pressure: 150 psi
• Max temperature: 700º

Sanitary “PoopLoop”

For waste piping, buried uses, jacketed for steam, insulated for corrosive environments

• Keep your waste line trim and flexible
• Install in sewage lines as they exit foundation
• Compensates for building settlement
• Lined to minimize sediment collection
• Cleanout “T” can be oriented in any direction
• Ultra flexible
• Moves in every direction